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Confessions of a Knitter

Funny story, I went to university to study Fashion Knitwear and I couldn't knit! As excited as I was to be on this unusual course I was overwhelmed by the skills everyone had already mastered. Alone I struggled to understand my tutors step-by-step tutorials on how to cast on and how to do my first knit. I was soon to quit after an hour into the session until my tutor did a walk around and asked me the magical question:

"Are you left-handed?"

Before she had asked it never occurred to me that the way I held objects would affect the way I would learn to knit. There's two main ways to knit (English and Continental ) and as a leftie, I would soon master the craft as a English style knitter. My world opened up. I learnt to google "English style knitting" when I didn't understand written guides and become friends with a mirror to flip confusing diagrams around. Without knitting I dunno who I'd be. It brings me so much relaxation and joy.

Seven years into the craft I have learnt how to be patient and understand when my body needs a time out. I have found out that I love researching and take great pride in discovering something new and mastering it. You become so patience with yourself because you learn to trust in yourself that if you can knit; you can purl .. if you can purl; you can do cables .. if you can create cables; gosh, you can make a sweater or even a TAZIE KNITS bag. You just fall in love with your endless possibilities and the visual representation of your time.

So if you're struggling with your knitting, please, please, please don't give up. It's a positive habit that could change your outlook on life and how you spend time with yourself.

Let us know your journey below and look out for our next post.

Happy knitting,