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Why I knit

Before I started knitting I only saw it as an activity for old people who had too much time on their hands but as I've grown as a person I have realised that it has value to one's time. I could spend a few hours scrolling through Instagram, destroying my self esteem, or I could use those hours creating something beautiful that boosts my confidence and well-being.

The activity morphs me into a mediate state as I work rhythmic patterns and embracing repetitive movements. Whether it be the choice of yarn, to the colour palette, each project tells a new story about how I felt in that moment. Sometimes my projects are not completed and I frog the yarn but in that time I have a chance to be still and unclog my mind.

Although my hand are occupied I tend to keep busy while I knit - catch up with soaps, listen to music, call friends, and research new stitches. I like the contrast of a "quiet" activity in the mist of chaos but for you it could be a different experience. You could find a pattern, log off the internet, and dedicate your time to yourself and your yarn. It all depends on your personality and creative journey.

Share the benefits you have had knitting below and enjoy our next post.

Happy knitting,