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Five years on and I still have it

Anxiety. It's a popular word in the blogging sphere but what is it and why do so many people experience it. According to the Oxford dictionary, anxiety is "a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome." With that explanation, there's no surprise that this condition affects on average one in four people in their life time and can be triggered at any moment. 

My first awareness of anxiety was returning home from university and seeing old friends again. I hadn't enjoyed my uni experience so I had no grand stories to tell or career prospects I wanted to share with my eager audience. Walking up to the pub to greet my friends all I remember is getting sweaty, dizzy, and feeling cold. I wasn't prepared. I had a brief script in my head that was fool proof but it still took me 30 minutes to enter the building and perform.

Basic Tunisian crochet

Five years on, I still have these moments but I panic at home and calm my brain well in advance so I can socialise with confidence and grace. DEEP breathing and knitting has always been my medicine and if I can knit on the go, my life is even better. I carry a little crochet hook on my keys and create little patches of magic that can be recreated over and over again through Tunisian crochet.

Described as being more crochet than knitting but I liken it to knitting because it's easy to complete without looking. I've found that crochet requires a lot of counting but this style of "knitting" is relaxed and care free - exactly what you need when you need to focus on nothing.

Do you have any tips to for knitting on the go? Share your thoughts below and look out for our next post.

Happy knitting,