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Create your happy

I know what you're thinking - wasn't this the title of the last post? Where did the other post go?

I deleted it. Why? Cause it was rubbish. I spoke about how your use of colour could reflect your mood but really the post should have been about how knitting with colour can boost your creativity and improve your frame of mind. Although I have a full black wardrobe I do enjoy colour as you can see below.

My designs are rich in colour and when I go yarn shopping I'm always drawn to the brightest thing in store. I'm obsessed with textures so my patterns may not be flamboyant but they all feel amazing which is a comfort "blanket" for me when I don't feel good.

I have the blues from time to time and when I'm in a funk I tend to knit until my mind goes numb. Most of my projects get frogged but the motion of knitting has a metronome affect of calming the heart and slowing down your breathing. When you're in a depressed state you just need a feeling of stability and inner peace so you stop overthinking and worrying about everything


Post activity you have something in your hand that you have created. Good or bad you have achieved something and sometimes that all you have to do to get through the day - achieve something.

Good or so bad it's perfect. Well that's it folks, hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time!

Happy knitting,