New Year, New me.. ?

January 21, 2018

Wow. Happy New Year to you all! How has it been so far? Finding out the new year is just a more realistic you? Me too.

There is a huge expectation for the new year and changes have to be made because it's a new year but is it really true? At the Tazie Knits HQ we have kept to the same pace but been more aware of our surroundings and put our best foot forward towards the things we enjoy. This year we want Tazie Knits to be a creative space that has examples of how to adapt existing patterns into something you will love more and playing with textures and shapes. Sandprints has always been a best seller so that will be the first pattern to get a face lift. 

Visually it's stunning and the way the pattern is formed you can easily complete the bag in 3 parts and enjoy each stage without referring to the pattern more than once. We are really excited to actually having a presence on social media too (.. sorry, last year was a flop) and I dunno.. get to know you lot a lot better.

Hoping you all success in the upcoming months and as always..

Happy knitting,

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